Examples of obtaining of information


We are or we choose a map by municipality or type. How to do to locate; 

All  poetry published. Put only on typology poetry and click on apply it.  

All the poetry  published in the city of  A Coruña. Put on typology poetry , and put on municipality A Coruña, and click on apply it.

All the poetry published in the municipality of Mondoñedo. Put on typology Poetry and on municipality Mondoñedo,  and click on apply it.

Modernism in Ferrol. Put on municipality Ferrol and put on typology modernism and click on apply it. As there will be more than ten points on the map of Ferrol you have to go to the bottom of the map and choose between 1,2, or 3, to get to see the twenty points.  

From each position "on the map" and each chip, we click on the scoreboard, give us the option to see that same point in google maps, or " how to get there ", will give us the path to reach that point from our current position. 

Especially improve are two approach systems. One of them, to the left,   Puntos próximos a un lugar do mapa  ( proximity and sorting filter), you choose a point in the map to obtaint near POI or in the main menu proximity and choose an address ( Lighthouse of Hércules, for example), and give you all the interesting points nearby on the map, giving the name of the point and the distance to the initial point chosen. 

There is also a gallery that chooses random pictures and present them  novacarta.eu/galeria  ( novacarta.en/ gallery) give a collection  of 20 random photos at a time. 

In the tipologies menu to choose there is a thematic classification of the content. The most productive typology is that of Actual Architecture with 700 examples of this topic of the Colleges of Architecs, but some other thematic is still no covered, simply foreseen for the date introducers  at the time. Click on and entry and give a list of points that have this typology and what you can check.