Museo do Pobo Galego

    Mosteiro de San Domingos de Bonaval
    15703 Santiago de Compostela
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San Domingos de Bonaval, nº s/n 15703 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

Museo do Pobo Galego (Santiago de Compostela)

The former Convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval (17th - 18th centuries), houses the Museum of Galician People opened in 1977. This socially based museum has restored all the convent area and increased its funds. This remodelling triggered the expansion of exhibition spaces and the chances of showing Galician culture features.

The Museum of Galician People is an anthropologic centre, although is also includes painting, sculpture and sacred art halls. The most important collections are devoted to traditional culture, hosting precious funds of the marine and farm world. Other halls host habitat, traditional trades, architecture and printing sections, along with spaces dedicated to society. The museum also owns an outstanding collection of traditional costumes and laces, as well a selection of musical instruments. The tour relates the collection and objects to their original use.

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Concello, Comarca ou Provincia

Colexiata do Sar


The Saint Mary's of Sar Collegiate Church is a monastery of regular canons of Saint Augustine. It was founded in 1126 by Diego Xelmírez as a donation for the canons that would retire under the rule of Saint Augustine, preserving their privileges in the cathedral. It was secularized and turned into a Collegiate Church in 1548. Nowadays it is a parish under the Diocese of Santiago. The church and the north side of the cloister are from the Middle Ages. The church is a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture from Santiago; a basilica plant with three naves and the aisle wider.

The Sar Collegiate Church Museum is located in an adjoining building at the south side of the church. The exhibition goes on through three halls. The visit starts at the reception, where a stone pillar with paired columns by Mateo's workshop. The second hall shows pieces related to the priory of Sar and to the monks' life, among other items. These pieces are architectonic elements from the old 13th century cloister or Baroque sculptures, like the San Roque de Montpellier with the Jacobean iconography.

Museo da Colexiata do Sar (Museos de Galicia)

Museo de Arte Sacra de Santa María a Real de Sar

Colección de pezas arquitectónicas extraídas do antigo claustro, do século XIII, hoxe desaparecido na súa maior parte, e diversas esculturas relixiosas. Tamén mostra obxectos e ornamentos litúrxicos que amosan a vida desta comunidade ó longo dos séculos XVII ó XIX (como cruces procesionais ou cálices) e, noutra sala, unha ampla colección de traxes tradicionais galegos.

Colexiata de Santa María do Sar (Wikipedia)

Sar (Santa María)  Igrexa

Colexiata de Santa María a Real de Sar

Galería de imaxes da colexiata do Sar



Concello, Comarca ou Provincia