Miradoiro do Ulla


The Ulla Valley is, with the exception of Miño, the largest and most varied in Galicia. Penetrates deeply into the bowels of the highlands, it is inserted in most of the estuaries, it offers in its aspects the most expressive themes perhaps, achieved in alternatives of morphological richness and maturity and in the progression of the vegetal tapestry embroidered by history, of the Atlantic Galicia. the river (115 km.), from its fountains in the heart of the upper Ulloa to the calm estuary of Catoira and Cortegada, sinks in flexible meanders and attracts the currents and orders the topography on the right to near the Tambre valley, on the left to the edge of the peaks that separate it from the central Miño area of attraction and those that in the so-called Tierra de Montes determine the course of the waters to the Pontevedra and Vigo estuaries.

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